Melissa Casey, MEd, BA, BSc, PCC, CEC

Melissa Casey, MEd, BA, BSc, PCC, CEC

I believe that life holds limitless potential.

And I also believe that our capacity to experience that potential comes with being bold, daring, brave, original, authentic, and inventive. My vision is to help my clients connect with these powerful ways of living. I specialize in developing visionary leaders who are invested in the principles of inclusion and want to take their organization (and their lives) to the next level.

To my coaching practice, I bring over 16 years of experience in leadership roles, management, and results-focused strategic planning within post secondary administration. With a focus on international partnership development, I am heavily experienced working in cross-cultural settings and bring a unique approach and perspective to my thinking. I have worked with global partners and have successfully led diverse teams to exceptional results.

I value and maintain a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion. Having worked internationally, mentored new immigrants to Canada, volunteered extensively with LGBTQ youth, and travelled world-wide, I know the importance of this value to effective communications, relationships, and shared respect.


As a Certified Executive Coach and an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation, I also hold a Master of Education degree and am trained in strategic visioning methods, facilitative leadership, team development, communication effectiveness, and conflict resolution. I am a certified practitioner for The Leadership Circle 360 Profile, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 & 2, as well as EQi 2.0 & EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence assessments. I hold a strong commitment to the ethical support and development of transformative life experiences for my clients, and am authentically invested in making a difference.

Based in Alberta, Canada, I bring international coaching experience and throughout my career have worked extensively in Asia, Europe, South America, as well as across North America. 

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What clients are saying...

"She asks questions that indicate that she’s listening on a deeper level and takes an approach that is quite different. She hears what’s behind the stated goal and not just what’s being said.” 

"In the beginning, I was not sure what to expect from executive coaching. As time passed, I could understand exactly how important it was for my career. Melissa was really a great support and could understand what was underlying, even when it was not clear for me. I thank her for the encouragement and to make me confident about what I was looking for in my professional life!”– Cristina G., Instituto Saúde e Sustentabilidade, São Paulo, Brazil

“Her questions were thought-provoking and created new ways of looking at things – I reframed my way of thinking. This led to a different take on my goals and a broader perspective. “