Return on Investment

Coaching is becoming commonplace in many businesses and organizations across the world. Leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs are accessing coaching to develop a competitive edge and to improve their working relationships.

It has been studied and proven that the cost of coaching quickly pays for itself. A company’s investment in coaching for its executives typically yields a six-fold return based on improved work performance and productivity, as well as improved business management and team effectiveness. Leaders also come away with increased self confidence, improved communication skills, and better work/life balance (source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study). 

Clients seek coaching for:

  • developing leadership strengths
  • building a common vision
  • shifting the vision into inspired action
  • developing workplace culture
  • 360 performance assessment and action planning
  • field observation and feedback
  • building emotional intelligence
  • leading through organizational change
  • sorting through the flurry
  • conflict management and resolution
  • building a coach-approach into leadership
  • attaining and maintaining balance
  • time management
  • career planning
  • personal goals