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Team Facilitation and Development Workshops are focused on helping teams to collectively determine and establish common goals, to develop vision, to value diversity, and to gain unity within the team. Even when a team is made up of a group of unlikely collaborators, their strength can still be found in their unique combination of individual greatness.

Workshop topics include:

  • Building a Super-Team!
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 & 2 (Certified Practitioner) 
  • Vision / Mission / Values Statements - Dreaming the Possibilities
  • Human Dynamics: the Good, the Bad, and the Less Desirable
  • Celebrating Everyone: Diversity, Differences, and Inclusion
  • Communicating across cultures, generations, and interests
  • Building the Vision and Inspiring Action
  • Managing Conflict - Achieving Resolution
  • Service Excellence = That's Us!
  • Creative Potential: Finding Value Outside the Box
  • Strategy Facilitation and Planning

All workshops are custom-designed according to the needs and objectives for each client. If you are interested in a particular topic for your team not already listed here, please contact me to discuss.