BE the Inclusive Leader that our changing world needs

Many organizations are committed to diversity – we know that there is value in difference.

However, there is a big gap between building diversity and the inclusive culture necessary to draw out & utilize the unique talents within diverse teams in order to yield powerful results. And, at the base of it all sits a critical need for Inclusive Leadership. 

Inclusive leaders are those who:

  • embrace the diverse identities and rich experiences of all people

  • engage & respect the whole person

  • empower their people to perform to their full potential

  • listen deeply – for both clarity and understanding

  • recognize that a diverse team is greater than the sum of its parts

  • create the foundation for an inclusive organizational culture that balances peoples need for individuality and belonging

  • believe in a coach-approach to their leadership

Using a unique coach-approach framework, this program will support you in discovering the Inclusive Leader within, while building the necessary skills to work with your team(s) to build an inclusive culture that yields results.

Ideal for Senior and Mid/Senior-level leaders from across sectors who are passionate about a more inclusive world and who are determined to lead the path, this program is for you if you…

  • recognize the need for your leadership to be nimble and responsive to the diverse needs of each individual on your team, but are not sure how to do that

  • are overwhelmed by the balance of being the leader you want to be and juggling to keep all the balls in the air

  • looking to increase collaboration and innovation

  • want to motivate an intrinsic drive within your team through inclusion, inspiration, and engagement

  • desire to lead your organization in a way that creates huge impact and affects positive change

  • are ready to “walk the talk” on inclusive leadership



*Total cost is $2400 + GST, payable to the program provider. However, this program is eligible for Canada-Alberta Job Grant funding (covering 2/3 of the cost), reducing the employer amount to only $800. Eligibility requirements for employers and learners can be found here.

Grant applications must be submitted and approved prior to program start date and take 30 days for processing. Full details on the grant program can be found on Canada-Alberta Job Grant website.

Learners not accessing the job grant will pay the full amount to the program provider.

In this program you will...

  • redefine yourself as a committed, Inclusive Leader

  • develop coaching skills to inspire contribution and improve performance

  • challenge and expand your existing thinking around the status quo

  • build your communication capacity through listening & inclusive language

  • leverage your emotional intelligence to drive connection

Program includes:

  • 4 days of interactive, hands-on in-class learning

  • 4 coaching sessions with a Professional Certified Coach

  • EQ360 or EQi 2.0 Emotional Intelligence instrument

  • Certificate of Completion

To maximize applied learning, session dates will be scheduled over 8-10 weeks to allow participants time to exercise the skills they are gaining.